The Department Outstanding Awards Programs recognizes individual members, organizations and non-member individuals that have made significant contributions in reaching our organizational goals. Awards in each category will be made yearly at the Department Convention based on District submissions and final selection by the Department Judging Committee.

Award Recommendation forms are listed below. Review each form carefully as each has some category unique instructions. Narratives, are limited to a single typed page and bullet comments are encouraged.

Recommendations for Awards in each category should be submitted by each Post to their District Commanders no later than 15 April yearly. Please ensure all submissions are complete and conform to instructions provided. District Commanders shall submit the District winners to the Department Junior Vice Commander (DPA JVC) by emailing the submissions to: NLT 1 May.


The DPA JVC shall forward the submissions to the Department Judging Committee members consisting of the Departments; Senior Vice Commander, Junior Vice Commander, Quartermaster, Chief of Staff, Immediate Past Department Commander and Adjutant.  Each member shall vote by return email to the DPA JVC. The Department Commander shall vote in the event of a tie.
Outstanding Post Award

Outstanding Post Member Award

Outstanding Post Adjutant Award

Outstanding Post Service Officer Award

Outstanding Post Quartermaster Award

Outstanding Post Commander Award

Outstanding Post Membership Chairman Award
For the above Awards Click Here for the Form
Outstanding Contributor Non-Member Award. Click Here for the Form
Outstanding Contributor Business or Organization Award. Click Here for the Form
National Community Service Award - Post. Click Here for the Form  

Department of Pacific Areas Awards Program Winners (2022-2023)