The VFW is pleased to announce the deployment of a new webpage designed to inform veterans about benefits for which they may qualify due to the PACT Act and to generate referrals to their local VFW accredited representatives.  As of this morning, Wednesday November 16th, veterans may now navigate to where they can enter certain military service details and medical conditions to help determine if they are eligible for compensation benefits on a presumptive basis as a result of exposure to toxins while serving in the military. This site will then give veterans the option of having a referral generated to the VFW accredited representative in their state of residence. In situations where a referral is not generated due to the answers provided by the veteran, the veteran may still choose to contact their VFW representative using contact information provided on the website. In addition to helping veterans determine if they are eligible for new benefits due to the PACT Act, the site warns veterans against claim sharks and non-accredited entities which may try to exploit veterans for financial gain; instructs Veterans on applying for VA Health Care open enrollment under the PACT Act; and informs them on ways they can support VFW missions such as by becoming a member or donating to support our mission.

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