Department of Pacific Areas Inspection Program


1.        Each District Commander shall appoint an Inspector, and he/she may appoint Assistant Inspectors. Ideally, the Assistant Inspectors should be past District or Department officers. The Department Commander shall appoint an Inspector and in accordance with National Bylaws 702 may appoint an inspection team for the purpose of inspecting a district or specific posts.


2.        Every effort shall be made for Assistant Inspectors to inspect Posts in their immediate geographical area; thereby, reducing travel expenses.


3.        Each District Inspector shall provide The Department Inspector with their schedule of inspections no later than 31 August.


4.        Inspections should begin no earlier than 1 October, this will ensure inspectors are evaluating actions taken by the new Posts/District Commander (CDR), Quartermaster (QM) and Adjutant (ADJ).


5.       Item # 3 of the Post Inspection Form asks to verify the following positions are properly filled. Current guidance from National Bylaws only require election of a Post CDR, Senior Vice Commander (SVC), Junior Vice Commander (JVC), QM, Chaplain and Trustee(s).  In addition, there is a requirement for the Post CDR to appoint an Adjutant, and Service Officer.  The Post may elect, or the Post CDR may appoint a Judge Advocate, Surgeon, Officer of the Day and /or Guard if required by Post By-laws.  The inspector shall examine the Post By-laws to ensure all positions are properly filled in accordance with National and Post by-laws.


Post Inspection Form

District Inspection Form